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4nd Guanlan International Print Biennial

Guanlan Print Original Industry Base, Guanlan, China

International Print Triennial Krakow-Isntanbul 2013
Tophane-i Amire Culture & Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey

Chicago in Paris
Galerie Beckel Odille Boïcos, Paris, France

Michael Goro, Urban Myths
(solo exhibition) Union Street Gallery, Chicago Heights, USA

Carrier Pigeon Issue 8 Release
Blackburn 20/20 Gallery, New York, USA

ICPNA Printmaking Biannual 2013
Lima, Peru

Invitational Printmaking Exhibition [invited artist]

Miller Gallery, Sharadin Art Building, Kutztown, USA

2nd Yunnan International Print Exhibition [second prize]
Yunnan Museum in Kunming, Yunnan, China

Urban Visions Michael Goro - Nicola Villa [two artists exhibition]
Galerie Beckel Odille Boïcos, Paris, France

8th British International Mini Print Exhibition [invited artist]
Exhibition is to be touring the UK for 2 years

Pulled, Pressed & Printed Chicago
Expo 72 Gallery, Chicago, USA

The 100th Anniversary of the Titanic, International Graphic Art Exhibition
Riga Art Space, Riga, Latvia

Michael Goro Juxtapositions [solo exhibition]

Eide Dalrymple Gallery, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

Post-Competition Exhibition IMPRINT'2011
Kubicki Arcades, Royal Castle, Warsaw, Poland

Metropolis IMPRINT'2011 Second Kulisiewicz International Triennial of Graphic Arts
Kubicki Arcades, Royal Castle, Warsaw, Poland

Images In Black And White [two artists exhibition]
Jennifer Norback Fine Art, Inc., Chicago, USA

3nd Guanlan International Print Biennial
Guanlan Print Original Industry Base, Guanlan, China

Goro Unframed [solo exhibition]

Jennifer Norback Fine Art, Inc., Chicago, USA

Juxtapositions, Prints by Michael Goro [solo exhibition]
Guanlan Print Original Industry Base, Guanlan, China

Exposition des Gravures de Deborah Maris Lader & Michael Goro [two artists exhibition]
Galerie La Hune Brenner, Paris, France

International Print Triennial Exhibition – Oldenburg 2010
Horst Janssen Museum, Oldenburg, Germany

The 14th International Biennial Print Exhibition
R.O.C. National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan

5th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro 2010 [by invitation only]
Alijó, Portugal

XI International Engraving Biennial Caixanova 2010
Caixanova Centro Cultural, Spain

2nd Guanlan International Print Biennial 2009 [guanlan international
print prize]

Guanlan Print Orginial Indrustry Base, Shenzhen, China

7th Royal West of England Academy Open Print Exhibition [London Print Studio Award]
Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, UK

International Print Triennial Krakov 2009 [main exhibition]
Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Gallery, Krakow, Poland

15th SPACE Internaional Print Biennial_Seoul [purchase prize]
Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

IX edition of the International Biennial of Engraving "Premio Acqui" [finalict]
International Biennial Association for Engraving in Acqui Terme, Italy

2nd Qijiang International Print Exhibition
Chongqing, China

IMPRINT – Contemporary Graphic Art Collection Kulturföreningen Magasinet
Falun, Sweden

IMPRINT 2008, a Selection from the Competition Exhibition
State Museum in Bialystok, Bialystok, Poland

The 7th Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints [fourth prize]
Ino-cho Paper Museum, Ino-cho Kochi-ken, Japan

Kulisiewicz International Graphic Arts Triennial IMPRINT 2008
Place of Culture and Science, Warsaw, Poland

Art of Democracy
Loyola Univercity Museum of Art (LUMA), Chicago, Illinois, USA

9th International Biennial "The Masters of Drawing and Graphic Art [by invitation only]
Municipal Museum of Art in Gyor, Hungary

PRINT- Internationale Grafiktriennale Krakau – Oldenburg – Wien 2007
Künstlerhaus, Vienna

Brush and Needle, Prints and Paintings by Mat Barber Kennedy and Michael Goro
MBK Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

INK Works from the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative
Tall Grass Arts Association, Park Forest, Illinois

Anchors of Identity, Recent work by Michael Goro
Vespine Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

The 14th Seoul_Space International Print Biennial [Exellent Prize]
Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

3rd LUC Print Biennial Competition
Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago Show: Tracks, Cable, Sky and Lake
Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, Chicago, Illinois

Urban Landscape, Recent work by Michael Goro
Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, Chicago, Illinois

16th Annual Small Print Show
Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, Chicago, Illinois

Printmaker [Exhibition of Contemporary Chicago Printmakers]
4art Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

The 4th Triennial International Book & Paper Arts
Center for Book and Paper Arts, Columbia College, Chicago, Illinois

Triennale Krakau – Oldenburg
Horst Janssen Museum, Oldenburg, Germany

International Print Triennial Krakov 2003 [main exhibition]
Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Gallery, Krakow, Poland

International Print Triennial Krakov 2003
Palace of Art TPSP, Krakow, Poland

Triennial 100 Cities 2001-2003
Traveling exhibition visiting 100 cities in Europe including Poland, Germany and Italy

2003 Annual International Fine Art Exhibition
Fraser Gallery, Washington, D.C.

23rd Annual National Print Exhibition at Artlink Artlink
Contemporary Art Gallery, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Living Art 3 Gallery 37
Chicago, Illinis

Zeichen der Gegenwart
Vienna Art Center Gallery, Vienna, Austria

13th Annual Small Prints Show
Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Printmakers Collaborative Exhibition
Mars Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

Intergrafia-World Award Winners Gallery (re-exposition)
International Print Society Krakow, Torun City Museum, Torun, Poland

Triennial 100 Cities 2001-2003
Traveling exhibition visiting 100 cities in Europe including Poland, Germany and Italy

International Print Triennial Krakov 2000
International Print Society Krakow, Krakow, Poland2000

World Award Winners Gallery "Intergrafia" Katowice 2000
Katowice, Poland

World Award Winners Gallery "Intergrafia" Czestochowa 2000
Czestochowa, Poland

71st Annual Juried Exhibition 1999
Juror, Feresheh Daftari, Curator, Museum of Modern Art
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Notes From Underground International Art Exhibition
London, UK

Works on Paper: Prints, Drawings, Collage

Juror, Michael Miller, Chairman of Printmaking Department, Art Institute of Chicago
The Fine Arts Building Gallery, Chicago, IL

49th Annual Quad-State Juried Exhibition
Quincy Art Center, Quincy, Illinois

Watermark 99
Juror, Jack Pinkerton, Studio 107, Whiteville, North Carolina

19th Annual National Print Competition at Artlink
Artlink Contemporary Art Gallery, Fort Wayne, Indiana

12th Annual McNeese National Works On Paper Exhibition
Abercrombie Gallery, Lake Charles, Louisiana

Masters of Fine Arts Exhibition
Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

Michael Goro Prints and Drawings (One Person Show)
Illini Union Gallery, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

15th National Exhibition, Los Angeles Printmaking Society
Los Angeles Print Making Society, Los Angeles, California

Another View: Selected Works from Contemporary American Printmakers
Saddleback College Art Gallery, Mission Viejo, California

73rd Annual International Competition
The Print Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1999 Pacific Rim International Print Exhibition
Campus Center Gallery, Hilo, Hawaii

Twenty-Third Annual Juried Fine Arts Competition
Jurors, Tracey Bashkoff, Curator, Guggenheim Museum, N.Y.C.
Smithtown Township Arts Council, Mills Pond House, St. James, New York

Delta National Small Prints Exhibition
Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, Arkansas

International Print Triennial in Kanagawa‘98
Kanagawa Arts Foundation, Yokohama, Japan

Americas 2000 All Media Competition
Northwest Art Center, Minot, North Dakota

Mid-Atlantic Small Print Exhibition
Juror, Eric Denker, Curator, National Gallery of Art
Washington Printmakers Gallery, Washington, D.C.

Nude/naked an Examination of the Human Form
Union Street Gallery, Chicago Heights, Illinois

18th Annual National Print Competition at Artlink
Department of Art, Indiana State University, Artlink, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Prints and Printmakers 1998 National Juries Exhibition at FACET
Fine Art Center en Taos, Taos, New Mexico

Sixth International Miniature Art Show
Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, No. Carolina

13th North Shore Art League Midwest Print Show
Edward Crown Center, Loyola University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

Michael Goro, Works by the Students
Sego Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah

Two Artists Exhibition
The Loge Gallery, Pioneer Theatre Company, Salt Lake City, Utah

Four Artists Exhibition
Round Door Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah