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Guanlan Print Base, Guanlan, China, 2010

East London Printmakers Residence London, UK, 2009

Frans Masereel Center Residence Belgium, 2009

Printmaking Residency at Atelier Bo Halbirk Paris, France, 2007

Printmaking Residency at Atelier Empreinte Luxembourg-city, 2007





michael goro

telephone: +1-773-469-2136 wwwwww email:





The blog of East London Printmakers, JUL 21, 2009
Talk by Michael Goro, ELP Artist in Residence

Michael Goro is the third visiting artist to take up residency at the ELP studio. Brought up in Soviet Russia, Michael is now based in the USA. He has lived and worked all over the world and has won multiple awards internationally.

Michael presented a selection of his prints, which combine etching, engraving, drypoint and photo-etching techniques. His large-scale, powerful images of the urban environment draw on his experiences of spending time in such cities as Buenos Aires and Chicago. He often incorprates elements of architectural drawing and old master images which reflect on his upbringing in St Petersburg where his architect father would take him every Sunday to the Hermitage museum.

Michael Goro with the copper plate he has been working on at ELP. On the left you can see one of the prints from the plate.

An enraptured audience at Michael Goro’s talk.

This print features Michael’s father on a billboard in New York.